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Welcome to Peer.Live. We are a communication App for Radiology, Pathology and Dermatology professionals. 


“I will not be ashamed to say, ‘I know not,’ nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.”          
-Hippocratic Oath 

Holding Phones

Benefits to Healthcare Professionals: 

  • Reduces providers decision fatigue

  • Reduces medical errors 

  • Reduces liability

  • Improves patient outcomes

  • Improves work satisfaction when helping colleagues

  • Increases diagnostic confidence

  • Saves precious diagnostic time

  • Sets standard of care

  • Participating users will learn from others 

Benefits to Hospital/Institution:

  • Reduces medical malpractice cost

  • Reduces labor costs

  • Increases daily productivity 

  • Increases patient throughput

  • Increases daily revenue

Benefits for the Future of Healthcare: 

  • Promotes a spirit of collaboration among healthcare professionals 

  • Facilitates the transfer of knowledge, not the transfer of patients 

  • Worldwide use reduces the international disparity among healthcare systems and nations

Benefits of Peer.Live

Would you like to bounce your idea or diagnosis off of your Peers? Share your cases in Peer.Live to get timely help from your colleagues with expertise in different fields. Monitor comments and votes on the most likely diagnosis from your colleagues in real time. Send interesting, uncommon or fascinating cases to your Peers for instruction and teaching. In turn, help your Peers by taking an active role in commenting and voting on cases posted to Peer.Live

Want to add multiple images or even a video? Attach an unlimited number of pictures or short videos to convey all your concerns. 

Have an answer but want to verify a suggested diagnosis? Tap on diagnostic tag buttons to instantaneously link to the most respected medical reference websites. 

Cases you submit are archived for your personal review; available anytime for further discussion, teaching and diagnostic follow up. 

Premium Subscription Services are available 

For  more information on our Premium Subscription, please click here

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